TVT Tape – Tension-Free Vaginal Tape – Clear Monofilament Polypropylene Sling for Female SUI

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TVT Tension-free support for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

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Mesh Capabilities-

TVT Tension-Free Vaginal Tape

Inertness – Due to its chemical properties as a non-absorbable and permanent polypropylene material, ’U-FREE’causes a very limited foreign body reaction.
Proprietary fibre processing and manufacturing process to create a product that has unique physical and mechanical properties and thus enhances performance.
Resistance to Infection- Knitted with monofilament, macro porus mesh allows macrophages entry into the pores and thus does not promote or harbor infection. Due to its macro porous configuration, ‘U-FREE’minimizes the risk of seroma formation and allows the formation of proper scaffolding.

Optimal Elasticity – Mesh stretches when needed for everyday movements and reaches a backstop when called upon to prevent leakage during coughing, laughing, or sneezing

Tissue Incorporation – Large pores result in good incorporation

‘U- FREE’ TVT Tension-Free Vaginal Tape for Restoring Continence.

The ‘U-FREE’ TVT Tension-free support for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence primarily consists of a mesh-like tape that is surgically inserted through the vagina to support the bladder neck and urethra, the tube through which urine exits the bladder.

The TVT system combines the use of a safe material, polypropylene mesh tape, with a traditional surgical procedure; the mesh is positioned underneath the urethra, creating a supportive sling. When pressure is exerted, during a cough or sneeze, the TVT sling tape provides the support needed by the urethra, allowing it to keep its seal to prevent involuntary loss of urine..

Female Stress Urinary Incontinence -SUI is caused by an improperly functioning urethra causing involuntary loss of Urine, due to weakened muscle and pelvic tissues are unable to adequately support the urethra, as a result during normal movement, as pressure is exerted on the bladder from the diaphragm, the urethra cannot retain its seal, permitting urine to

Post-Operative Care- After the TVT Sling procedure, it is recommended that the patient refrain from heavy lifting and /or exercise (ie cycling, jogging) for at least four to six weeks. It is advised that sexual intercourse not be resumed for one month.

The patient may return to routine activity one or two weeks after the TVT sling procedure. Should dysuria, bleeding or other problems occur, the patient should be instructed to contact the surgeon immediately , The patient should take ultimate care of herself after the TVT Sling surgery.

Indications- ‘U-FREE’ TVT are intended to be used in women as suburethral slings for the treatment of stress Urinary Incontinence, resulting from Urethral Hypermobility and/or intrinsic sphincter deficiency.

Contraindications- As with any suspension surgery, TVT sling procedure should not be performed in pregnant patients. Additionally, because the mesh-like tape will not stretch significantly, the TVT sling procedure should not be used in patients with future growth potential including women with plans for future pregnancy.

In case of any doubt or concern please feel free to contact us.

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