Manual Tru Cut Liver Biopsy Needle by NovaCut Size: 14G, 16G, 18G ; Length: 11.25Cm, 15Cm

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  1. Biopsy needles are designed for manual capture of high-quality tissue samples with minimal trauma to the patient.
  2. Removable stylet allows multiple sampling capability.
  3. Thin-wall needle yields core.
  4. Centimetre depth markings assist in needle placement.

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Manual TruCut Liver Biopsy Needle 14G, 16G, 18G by NovaCut

Manual TruCut liver biopsy needles 14G, 16G, 18G features:

  1. Captures high-quality tissue samples
  2. Minimal Trauma
  3. Comes with Removable stylet that allows multiple sampling capability
  4. Thin-wall needle offers better core yields
  5. Centimetre depth markings assist in needle placement
  6. Disposable

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