Huber Needle for Chemo Port Access (WINGED INFUSION SET 20G, 22G ; 1Inch length By Bard)

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Offers sturdy construction of non-siliconized regular-wall stainless steel, with a metal hub for greater durability and a tip designed to avoid septum damage. Huber Needle for Chemo Port : The Bard® Winged Infusion Set, a unique one-piece system with a permanently attached right-angle non-coring needle, is designed to help prevent accidental needle sticks.


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Other important features of Huber Needle for Chemo Port include:

  • A broad selection of needle lengths and gauges so that you can match the size of the needle to the size of the patient
  • PVC microbore tubing for improved infusions and aspirations
  • “Y” Injection Site for secondary access
  • Flexible wings that identify needle gauge and facilitate secure attachment of needle in port septum

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20g * 1 INCH, 22G * 1 Inch



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2206220, 2206222

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Chemotherapy, Needles, Oncology


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